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View Service Bus Namespace Cost. You can expose a service bus topic or queue endpoint through azure api management and thus allow access to these entities in a secure, and managed way. In other words is there extra cost associated with creating premium namespace?

Learn How Delivering Messages Made Easy With Azure Service Bus
Learn How Delivering Messages Made Easy With Azure Service Bus from d2o2utebsixu4k.cloudfront.net

At this point, only namespace is an acceptable resource. Fittingly, azure service bus has much to do with enabling a new generation of hybrid computing, which in my view represents the realization of software let's take a look at each of these classes in action by walking through a simple queuing example. Service bus queues provide a queueing mechanism.

Namespaces are hidden from each other, but they are not fully isolated by default.

Now you need to enter service bus, from the list you need to select microsoft azure service bus and then click on install button it will automatically download. Keep apps and devices connected across private and public clouds. Go to the service bus namespace (refer my previous article to create a namespace) which is already created. Working with the service bus namespace manager.