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Get Skateboard Trucks Get Stuck

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Get Skateboard Trucks Get Stuck. Properly tightened trucks make your board ride smoother and cleaner and helps tune the board to your turning style. Tight trucks allow better board control popping on and off obstacles, whereas loose trucks difficult to balance.

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Besiy skateboard trucks, skateboard bearings & wheel hardware set with polished skateboard screws 1 and practical wrench. Use your skate tool to remove the kingpin nut and washer, then remove the skateboard wheel assembly. A simple rule of thumb is that the trucks should have some sort of brand name stamped into them.

The main reason that skateboard trucks come in these three different styles is to accommodate the different sizes of skateboard wheels that are available on the market.

Some boards turn to the right where others turn to the left on their own. Just make sure they fit your deck or you could get some issues with responsiveness and balance. From there, pull off the used bushing from the base plate and slide on the new ones. I'm trying to get a wheel on my skateboard off to change the wheels, but the nut holding it in place is stuck.